City Tree Inventory

In 2016, Fridley updated our city-wide tree inventory. A tree inventory is a tool used to monitor tree health, manage insects and diseases, identify possible planting sites, and assess species diversity. This inventory includes tree location, species, diameter, and condition for all public trees, which include trees in landscaped areas of city parks and trees in the boulevard or right-of-way of streets maintained by the city. This does not include trees in natural/woodland areas.

A major threat to our community forest is a pest known as the emerald ash borer, or EAB. EAB targets ash trees and will eventually kill 99% of ash trees in an infested area. This means that Fridley could lose a large percentage of street and park trees. Knowing where the ash trees are, as well as their size and condition, will aid in the development of Fridley’s Emerald Ash Borer Response Plan.

Check back soon for results from the city-wide tree inventory.