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Springbrook Trail
Flannery Park

Fridley is committed to creating and preserving a community of beauty, access and encouraging healthy living. Become one with nature as the 3 miles of hiking trails within Springbrook Nature Center bring you closer to birds and deer, or enjoy a breathtaking bike ride along the Mississippi River Trail. The City of Fridley is home to 38 neighborhood parks, 5 Anoka County parks and 7 public school facilities.

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Fridley's 316 acres of city parks boast amenities such as baseball, football and soccer fields; softball diamonds; basketball and tennis courts; outdoor skating rinks; playgrounds; and picnic shelters.
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Go Anoka County offers an interactive mapping website
 Springbrook Nature Center
  Metro Transit including the Northstar train in Fridley, bus information and light rail.
 Transit for Livable Communities to support/promote a transportation system that encourages transit, walking and biking.
       View action steps in Fridley's Active Transportation Plan as we work towards a healthier community.
 Download Fridley's Active Transportation Map for preferred bike routes, the location of sidewalks plus bus numbers, bus benches, and major commercial areas and landmarks of the city.
   Download a complete listing of Fridley parks and amenities.
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