Community Gardens

 Enjoy your own vegetable or flower garden with a Community Garden Plot!
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The Community Garden Plots are 15' x 20' and are located in Locke Park, immediately east of the City Garage. Weather permitting, we try to have the gardens ready for you to plant around May 15.

The City Provides:

1. A 15' x 20' piece of land.

2. Tilling of the plots in the spring and fall. Marking of plots with white stakes in the spring.

3. Access to water

4. Trash containers

5. Restroom (portable)

The Renter:

1. Assumes all responsibility for all personal property and personal belongings used at the garden area.

2. Assumes full use of the property from the time it is ready in May through October 1st.

Rental priority will be as follows:

-Returning gardeners who reside in Fridley will have until March 14 to reserve their same plot(s).
-New gardeners who reside in Fridley and returning gardeners who reside in Fridley who would like to request a change of plots may do so beginning March 17.
-Returning gardeners who do not reside in Fridley may rent plots as of March 25.
-New non-resident gardeners may begin renting plots beginning April 1st.
-Limit of 2 plots per gardener.

Cost per plot (not including tax):

Fridley Residents: $28

Fridley Residents Age 60+: $22

Non-Residents: $45

Garden Layout         


Theft & Prevention
Overall, theft is not a big problem at the community gardens. We may loose a couple tomatoes or squash to some hungry visitors be they human or four-footed. Gardeners are not to take food or plants from other gardeners' plots.

Trash Receptacle
There is at least one trash can located at the Community Gardens. Please put all non-compostable material in there. Call 763-572-3566 if it is overflowing.

Water spigots are located for easy access from each plot. Water will be turned on as soon as possible in the spring. A key is necessary to unlock the water and should be issued to you at the time of your rental.

Water Key
If you lose or damage your water key, a replacement key is available from the Recreation office for a cost of $3.

Please try to keep your plot weed free or under control. Weeds compete with other plants in your garden and can become invasive. Weeds that go to seed affect your neighbors' gardens as well.

Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash and cleaned up after.

Plot Expansion
You have rented a 15' x 20' plot as designated by City staff. Renters are not to expand their plot beyond this area. All plants are to be kept within the limits of the garden plot rented.

No illegal plants shall be planted.

All children brought to the Community Gardens must be supervised at all times, and they must follow all rules listed.

We hope these simple guidelines helps keep the Community Gardens a happy, secure and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.