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Framing Fridley: City Hall Updates

Columbia Arena sat vacant and deteriorating for over a decade. It is an exciting time to see construction activity and new life given to that area. We invite you to share in the progress of this project as we work to Frame the Future of Fridley. 

Regular updates will be provided in this blog. Check back often for the latest progress or subscribe to the RSS feed (link to the right). If you have questions regarding this project please contact Scott Hickok, Community Development Director at: 763-572-3590 or

Nov 06

November 6, 2017 - First Floor Installation

Posted on November 6, 2017 at 2:11 PM by Beth Kondrick

Organization and cooperation have been key to the continued timely progress of the civic campus. This week focus in on the installation of the first floor for police, fire and city hall offices. Stair and elevator cores are going up; mezzanines and office floor areas are taking share in the public works building; and 99’ long steel beams are arriving on site to support the roof of the public works building.

Concrete plank has been set for the subfloor for the police, fire and city hall office areas, as well as the public works offices. A concrete layer will soon be poured over the top of the plank before the finished floor material can be applied. Planning is underway for electrical and communication lines so that offices will be technology ready. A special type of modern scaffolding is used for block laying around the stair and elevator cores. This equipment allows the masons to move the scaffold up higher automatically as they build the walls in these areas.

Finally, the flatbed trucks hauling large wall panels have completed their work, but have been replaced by semi-trailers for those 99' support beams. Please use caution in the area as the large trucks travel in and around the site.

Oct 30

October 26 Update: The Highs and Lows

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 2:20 PM by Raquel Strand

Reaching new height: The first panel of the fire training tower went up demonstrating how high above grade the top of that structure will reside.
Going low: A large, deep portion of the pond was excavated. 

Other progress: The concrete planks for the floor of the City Hall, Police and Fire Department office were set in place. A concrete top layer will be poured on top of the concrete plank to prepare for the wall framing that will begin in two weeks. Once that floor, which also serves as a "cap" for the lowest level is finished, planning meetings can be moved indoors, eliminating the need for some job trailers. 

The project continues to move along as scheduled.
Oct 30

October 20 Update: Building Walls

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 2:19 PM by Raquel Strand

Walls are going up for the Fire Department's apparatus bays and for the new Public Works facility. Police officers have been instrumental in directing traffic and facilitating movement in and out of the area when necessary. Now that the large panel walls are in place, we can expect to see a reduction in cranes on and around the site.

Other noticeable accomplishments include plank going down to cap the basement areas and create a floor for a portion of the City Hall, Police, and Fire Building. Framing for the walls of that same building will be starting in November once the floor plank has been installed and concrete subfloor poured. Waterproofing and grading will continue. The salt shed will begin construction next week, and the pond excavation, shaping and contouring will continue.

As the walls take shape, building color starts to emerge. The color of the large panels of the Public Works building was selected to mimic the brick color that you can see on the Fire Department's apparatus bays. The gray tones on the Public Works building will compliment the metal panels that will soon be evident as the exterior skin to the Public Safety building. Those walls will go up after the footings for the salt shed. The color of the salt shed will match the exterior of the Public Safety building. Once walls are framed for City Hall a stone base and brick can then be laid up creating the exterior skin of that portion of the building. The further along the exterior gets, the more obvious this blending of colors and materials will be.

The surface of the first floor can now be seen as significantly higher than the service drive in front of the building. The building will be easy to see and navigate. Once the basement/squad garage is backfilled, the elevation of the front parking area will be defined.