Election Results

Below are unofficial election results from the 2018 State General Election.

Council Member Ward 1 (Fridley)

Party: Nonpartisan, Candidate: Tom Tillberry, Totals: 2799, Percent: 98.14%
Party: Write-in, Candidate: Write-inn, Totals: 53, Percent: 1.86%

Council Member Ward 2 (Fridley)

Party: Nonpartisan, Candidate: Pam Reynolds, Totals: 1399, Percent: 42.42%
Party: Nonpartisan, Candidate: Steve Eggert, Totals: 1871, Percent: 56.73%
Party: Write-in, Candidate: Write-in, Totals: 28, Percent: .85%

Council Member Ward 3 (Fridley)

Party: Nonpartisan, Candidate: Ann Bolkcom, Totals: 2559, Percent: 97.37%
Party: Write-in, Candidate: Write-in, Totals: 69, Percent: 2.63%

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