Finding Your Fun in Fridley

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Fridley community members have been telling us our city parks need help. The City of Fridley listened. Starting in 2019, the City undertook a community-driven comprehensive park system planning process known as “Finding Your Fun in Fridley.” The process included community workshops and online feedback to help the City understand what improvements our community would like in the City parks system. Learn more about the planning process and past workshops in the Additional Information section.

Draft Concepts Available 

The City used the community’s ideas and feedback to draft concept designs for each Fridley park. The draft park concept designs will be available until April 30 for feedback from the community. You can give feedback online or by reaching out to City staff, City Council and Commission members. Your ideas and feedback will help us refine the final set of preferred parks designs later this year.  

How Can I Submit Feedback?

You can help Fridley’s Park System by submitting your ideas and feedback through an interactive parks map . The interactive parks map was developed as a method for the community to view existing park maps and amenities, to review the parks concept plans, and submit their ideas and feedback. Select the “Submit Feedback” button below and you will find the concept plans with a corresponding survey under each individual park tab for both Community and Neighborhood/Special Use Parks.

  • Under each individual park tab button for both Neighborhood & Special Use Parks, and Community Parks, scroll down and select the “Park Concept Plan” to review the draft improvement plans. Some parks have one concept plan, others may have two. 
  • Below the Park Concept Plan button will be a “Park Survey” Button. Select this to provide comments back to us on what you like or dislike. 

How To Submit Feedback - Video Demo

Additional Information

View a full project overview, read about the results from the past workshops, learn about next steps as well as how you can get more involved in the planning process. 

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  3. Get Involved
  4. Next Steps
  5. Past Workshops
  6. Questions

Project Overview

Starting in 2019, the City undertook a community-driven comprehensive park system planning process known as “Finding Your Fun in Fridley.” The outcome of this process was a planning document that will guide the city with identified priorities for park improvements and investments to ensure the city has a balanced and equitable park system that meets the needs of the community.

The park system plan process has included the following:

  • Development of a Project Goal Statement
    • "Fridley’s park system will increase the wellbeing of our community by providing people of all ages and abilities with opportunities for active living, social connections, wellness, and nature."
  • Feedback and data gathering through Social Pinpoint Pin map, community survey, and City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Four Community Workshops (See Past Workshops Tab)
  • Parks & amenities inventory and assessment 

Here's What the Community Said

The Fridley community values our neighborhood and community parks but want to see meaningful improvements and updates. Key community themes and action steps that were identified included:

  • Improved Playground & Amenities
  • Gathering Spaces
  • Year-Round Use & Connectivity 
  • Unique Amenities & Experiences

Themes for parks plan

The City of Fridley is now undertaking the next steps in achieving the community goals and objectives established in the planning process, which is developing an implementation plan, determining priorities, and identifying potential funding mechanisms.