Pets Do Rec

We all miss our favorite recreation activities, but there’s a silver lining... We get to spend way more quality time with our pets and maybe even participate in their favorite recreation activities with them! Fridley’s Recreation division wants to know, what does your pet like to do to stay active? We are going to have a showcase of these animals on Instagram. 

To submit your pet, all you need to do is to email one photo of your pet to with the subject of the email as "Pets Do Rec", along with: 

  • Your pet’s name.
  • 3 forms of recreation that your pet loves to do. Some examples are: sunbathing, swimming, chasing a laser, playing with tennis balls, park walks, and more. This can be anything that involves recreating.       
  • If your pet has a Instagram page and you would like us to tag it, feel free add their handle to the email.

Regarding you photo, feel free to get creative. Dress up your pet up, pose them, or take an action shot of your pet. Additionally, all kinds of pets are welcomed. If you have more than one pet, feel free to send a picture of each of them! There is no limit for number of pet photos you can submit. 

The deadline for submissions is May 10 at 11:59 p.m.

To engage viewers, we put a little twist on the showcasing. The showcasing is going to be displayed on Fridley Recreation’s Instagram Story, at noon on May 11, we are going to display all the pets and their favorite ways to recreate, along with a challenge. Viewers will have to guess the pets’ name! So, put on your best guessing hat on and be ready to see some cute animals!

If you miss our stories, you can view all the submissions on our profile as a "Pets Do Rec" memory!