University Avenue Fencing and Landscaping

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Construction is slated to begin in the next two weeks. Fridley crews will be removing fencing and the contractor will be placing weed control on future planting beds, and within small areas to eliminate noxious weeds. More information regarding the construction schedule can be found in Project Update 1. 

Project Update 1 7-24-20 (PDF)


In 2019, a number of visioning meetings were held on the University and Highway 65 corridors with residents of Fridley.  A summary of the meetings and stakeholder-recommended improvements is available at the project page here:

Recommendations included improving the aesthetics of the University Avenue corridor, including substituting landscaped buffers for fencing where possible. The Fridley City Council subsequently requested that MnDOT remove the existing chain link fencing in Fridley, and substitute with landscaping or decorative fencing in specific locations.

The City has partnered with MnDOT, who funded a fencing and landscaping project being administered by the City of Fridley.  That project was awarded in early July and will be starting in the coming week.  The project includes work on fencing and landscaping in the cities of Fridley and Columbia Heights between 37th Avenue and 69th Avenue.

More information can be found in this presentation.

The project will convert chain link fencing in Fridley as shown.

Fence Map

Disposition of fencing in Columbia Heights in reaching a final determination. 

In Fridley, landscaping will include median "blocks" as illustrated here (north is to the right). There will be alternating tree species.


Also, medians near I-694 will have dense grass and shrub plantings (again, north is to the right).

grass and shrubs

Buffers replacing fencing will also be included (again, north is to the right). Future planting "wedges" are planned outside MnDOT right-of-ways.