53rd Avenue Trail and Walk Improvements Project

Project Overview

This project will provide a trail and walk connection on 53rd Avenue from Main Street to Monroe Street (Near Trunk Highway 65). The project includes roadway resurfacing, installation of a trail on the south side of the street and a walk on the north side of the street, street and pedestrian scale lighting, and traffic calming measures, as funding allows. The project is split between the City of Columbia Heights and the City of Fridley, with Fridley being the project lead. 

Open House Presentation

A presentation was held on Tuesday, August 30th to give an overview of this project. You can view the presentation below.

Access During Construction

All efforts will be made to maintain full access to homes throughout the construction process. Spot repair will be done on the curb in certain areas and it requires five days to cure after it is placed. During that time, you may have to park on the street. The City will provide notification with instructions 2-4 days before this will take place. 

Learn more in the FAQ section. 

Landscaping, Plantings, Sprinkler Systems

Generally, the boulevard will be disturbed up to 10 feet behind the existing curb. We are requesting residents to remove landscaping items that they wish to replant such as flowers, shrubs, small plants, etc. The contractor is responsible for removing and reinstalling sprinkler systems, pet fence systems, retaining walls, decorative rock, edging and fabric. Please mark your sprinkler heads and/or invisible fences in your yard. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn about why the road was cut out so deep, resident driveways, cut lines, payment options for the special assessment and more. 

Read the project FAQ (PDF) 

Project Contact

Call the City of Fridley - Engineering Division at 763-572-3554. Brandon Brodhag is the project manager and Touyia Lee is the project lead.