Advisory Speed Limit Signs


Advisory speed limit signs are warning signs. They are installed, where appropriate, to warn motorists that the maximum safe speed for conditions is less than the statutory speed limit for that segment of roadway.


The statutory speed limit on residential roadways in Fridley, and on other streets where no signs are posted, is 30 miles per hour. Some collector and arterial roadways have a higher speed limit and are posted accordingly. Occasionally, conditions such as curves in the roadway make it advisable for the motorist to travel at a speed less than the statutory limit.

In such locations, an advisory speed limit sign is installed. It is installed with and is used to supplement a warning sign. These signs have black lettering on a yellow background. They are only informational and are not enforceable.

Conventional, enforceable speed limit signs are black lettering on a white background.


Accepted traffic engineering procedures are used to determine the recommended safe speed for conditions. If that speed is less than the statutory speed limit, appropriate signs are then installed by the Public Works Department.