Not a Truck Route Sign


The City does not comprehensively identify City-wide, non-truck routes with signs. The City does install NOT A TRUCK ROUTE sign on selected non-truck routes only when unusual circumstances warrant their use. Inappropriate or confusing land use designations or problem areas with respect to designated truck routes may result in unwanted through truck traffic in some locations. There must be significant, illegal truck volumes, which previous efforts have failed to eliminate or reduce, before signing will be considered.


Posting every non-truck route in the City is not necessary because designated truck routes are posted and truck operators generally have a good understanding of the City's system of designated truck routes. Additional factors in support of current policy are the low cost/benefit ratio of this sign and a desire to minimize sign clutter in the City. For the above reasons, and in order to minimize confusion and maintain consistency, this sign is used sparingly.


Any interested party may initiate a request for a NOT A TRUCK ROUTE sign to be installed. City staff will investigate the request and make a determination based on the above guidelines as to whether or not installation of the sign is warranted.