Railroad Crossing Signs & Markings


Every at-grade railroad crossing of a public roadway shall have Railroad Crossing signs and markings as per guidelines established in The Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Generally such devices consist of the following:

A railroad crossing sign, commonly identified as the "crossbuck" sign, and in some cases an active traffic control system consisting of flashing light signals and gates.

A railroad advance warning sign.

Other signing which may be appropriate for the particular crossing.

Pavement markings consisting of an X, the letters RR, and certain transverse lines.


Passive traffic control devices identify and direct attention to the location of a grade crossing. They permit vehicle operators and pedestrians to take appropriate action.


A party suggesting a need for change or addition to the crossing traffic control shall contact the Public Works Director. Questions concerning the railroad crossing sign and/or flashing light signals and gates will be forwarded to the appropriate railroad. They have the responsibility to install and maintain these devices. Adjustments to the other signs and markings will be made by the Public Works Department.