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  1. Earth Day Eco Dash
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Earth Day EcoDash

April 24-25, 2021

Get the crew together to participate in this fun, fast-paced, interactive scavenger hunt throughout the City of Fridley.  Put together a team of up to 8 people, register online, and get ready to get silly, learn new things, explore places you haven't seen before, and have a grand time in the great outdoors together!  


What is this event?

The EcoDash is an interactive, team scavenger hunt that takes place throughout the entire Fridley Parks system.

When is this event?

Earth Day EcoDash will take place the Saturday and Sunday after Earth Day (April 24th and 25th).

What does it cost to participate?

The cost to register your team of up to 8 people is $25!

Wait, it's a TEAM event?

Yes!  Assemble your team of up to 8 people, and let's go.  You will first register (use the How to Register Tab above) on our website.  You will need 1 team leader, a team name, and a sense of adventure.  Next, you will need to download the Goose Chase app on your device (downloads are available for both IOS and Android).  Your team leader will be emailed the passcode to get into the Earth Day EcoDash game 24 hours before the game starts.  Once the game opens, check out the missions, choose which ones you want to participate in, and earn points to put your team on top of the leaderboard!

What is a mission?

Goose Chase has 4 types of missions:  Video, Photo, Text, and GPS.  Each mission is a task for you and your team to complete in order to earn points.  You might be asked a trivia question about the oldest Fridley park (Text Mission), or to snap a photo of your team hugging a tree (photo mission), or take a video of your team singing your favorite Journey song while standing on one leg (video mission), or check in at Meadowlands Park (GPS mission).  Each of these missions will earn you a number of points.  

Wait.... I can win Prizes? YES!!

The top 5 teams will get to choose (in order of points) from 5 different Earth-friendly prize bundles:

    • GreenStalk Vertical Garden Kit (includes planting tower, fertilizer, and seeds)
    • Energy Saving Kit (includes a solar battery charger, zero waste laundry kit, organic cotton produce bags, UNPASTE toothpaste tablets, Lace dental floss, and Biodegradable eco sponges)
    • Park hangout Bundle (includes 2 hammocks and Kubb yard game)
    • Zero Waste Picnic Basket (includes picnic blanket, folding picnic basket, compostable party pack, and Molky yard game)
    • Pollinator Kit (includes PDQ seed mix from Prairie Moon Nursery, hummingbird feeder, mason bee house, and honey from Beez Kneez, llc.)
    • There is also a raffle hidden on the trails of Springbrook to enter to win a Rain Barrel!

What if I want to know more?

Check out the FAQ tab to the left, or call and chat with the nature center staff at 763-572-3588!

Rules of the Game

  1. All photos/videos must be taken within the time frame of the game. 
  2. Teams must follow all State, City, and park rules, laws, and regulations. 
  3. Submissions must not contain nudity, vulgar, or discriminatory language, signage, imagery, or behavior. 
  4. All scavenger hunt submissions must follow the guidelines above. The City of Fridley has the sole discretion to award/ remove points and expel any team that does not follow these guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event family friendly?

Yes!  It's a great event for people ages 2-102.  Now, the two year old and the 102 year old will need some guidance, but remember, this is a team event, so you're all in it together.  Bring the whole fam!

Can I register after the game has started?

Yes.  When you register, we will email you the passcode to get into the Earth Day EcoDash game.  You might have to play catch-up with the other teams, though.  Get movin!

Do I need access to the internet to participate?

Yes, GooseChase does require players to have an internet connection via wifi or cellular data. This is because submissions are uploaded right after they are taken (so that everyone can stay up to date via the feed and leaderboard).

Will other people be able to see my video and photo submissions?

Yes.  Within the game, there is an activity feed and leaderboard that generates automatically.  In addition, in order to register, you agree to your photos and videos being used in marketing and promotional purposes by the City of Fridley and Springbrook Nature Center.

How do I add someone to my team?

Once someone has downloaded the GooseChase app and created/logged into their account, you can get them to join your team by giving them the name of the game or game join code, the name of your team, and the access code for your team (if you've set a team access code). If there is a team access code, it can be found by clicking on the "My Team" tab of the app and selecting the settings "gear" icon.


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Stay tuned for more information.  Registration will open March 1, 2021.  Check back here for details.