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Posted on: July 6, 2022

Assessor Visits 101

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Learn about why an assessor requests to view your home, what happens during a visit, and more.

Assessors are required to review data used to estimate your home's value once every five years, according to Minnesota Statute 273.01. The Assessor uses this data to estimate home values each year and help calculate the property taxes for the following year. This requirement is the same for all jurisdictions in Minnesota's 87 counties. 

How Am I Notified When an Assessor Will Visit?

When the Fridley Assessor is ready to review an area of the city, a letter is sent to residents informing them of the time frame for the assessor's arrival. This allows residents to become aware of the upcoming visit and allows property owners time to notify their occupants. 

The assessor will be in a city vehicle and carry city identification, which they will show you as soon as you come to the door. If you are not home, they will leave a door tag with instructions on next steps. 

What Happens During a Visit?

If allowed on the property or in the home, the assessor will rate the quality and the condition of the home, including verification of size, bedrooms, baths and other amenities. These items help determine a base value of the home for future estimation of market value.  

Do I Have to Let Them On My Property or In My Home? 

Per Minnesota Statute 273.20, you do not have to let the assessor in your home. Instead, the assessor will estimate your home's value based similar homes in the area, data from recent sales marketing materials, and permit records. 

What If I Feel My Home Value Is Inaccurate?

Estimates are made to make the most fair and accurate assessment possible. If the property owner disagrees with the value, they can contest it in the spring when their valuation notice arrives by calling the assessor. The assessor will need to review both the interior and exterior of the home before making any changes. 

The Assessor's job is to properly classify and accurately estimate your home's value. A visit once every five years is intended to make sure our data is up-to-date in order to not overvalue or undervalue homes in all prices ranges. This assures fairness as similar homes are adjusted in the same manner throughout the neighborhood. 

I Recently Had a City Inspector at My Home, Why Does an Assessor Need to Visit?

The Assessor's visit is different from a Rental or Building Inspector. Assessors are there to assess the value of the home, while a Rental Inspector assures compliance with health and safety items required for rental licensure and the Building Inspector reviews work to ensure it meets the requirements of building codes. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessor's Office at 763-572-3536 or 763-572-3537.  

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